April 23, 2024

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Children can still celebrate: collecting carnival clothes for poor families

Children can still celebrate: collecting carnival clothes for poor families

Children who have been reported ill at school by their parents because there is no money to participate in the carnival celebration. This is a bitter reality, even in relatively affluent villages like Oisterwijk and Haaren. When Karen Rentmeester heard about this, she decided to start a fundraiser for children’s carnival costumes.

“We invited people to bring clothes to families where there is no money to celebrate Carnival, so that these children can also take part in the festivities at school,” says Karin, who works as a volunteer at Social House Oisterwijk.

“Poverty is also present in Oisterwijk municipality,” says Karin. “Especially since the energy crisis, we have seen an increase in the number of requests for help. It is important for us that children can celebrate.”

“We still have those carnival outfits in the attic.”

A few of the carnival costumes still hang in the room in the former Haren Town Hall, where the collection is held. But more are expected to be added soon. Mickey Verhoeven and her husband will bring at least four boxes of carnival clothes: “We read the call and still have them in the attic,” she says.

Mickey isn’t surprised that there are families who don’t have the money to buy carnival costumes for the kids: “I volunteer myself and I’m aware of the problems. We also have a food bank here, and I’m shocked at how many people come there.”

The boxes contain everything, pipo suits, mariekes dance costumes, shirts and handkerchiefs. Mickey hopes that the children will soon be able to participate in the school, although parents cannot really afford it.

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Oisterwijk is a village where we help each other.

Karin looks approvingly and happily at the boxes full of clothes: “So you see, if you make a call. Oisterwijk is just a very strong village, where we help each other out. We’re curious what comes next.”

The collection will run until the week leading up to Carnival. Oisterwijk Social House already has a list of about a hundred families who could really benefit from the help.