June 21, 2024

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Chris De Bruyne with "Amsterdam" on top of De Lage Landenlijst for the first time

Chris De Bruyne with “Amsterdam” on top of De Lage Landenlijst for the first time

Top 10

  1. Chris De Bruyne – Amsterdam (2)
  2. Kumail Vaux – Astronaut (1)
  3. The Sixth Metal – Blueshirt (4)
  4. Gorky – Mia (6)
  5. wake me up – when you smile (14)
  6. Wim De Crane – Team (5)
  7. List of Ramses Shafi and Lisbeth – Pastoral (3)
  8. Raymond van Heet Groeneud – Two Girls (8)
  9. Baudouin de Groot – Evening (7)
  10. Landscape – Blue (13)

You can get the full list here.


These are the most surprising facts from De Lage LandenList for 2021:

  • There are 22 new songs in the list.
  • Baudouin de Groot, Chris de Bruyne, Raymond van Het Gronaud, and The Scene Happens most of the time with each time 4 list.
  • from Top New Arrival He is ‘the flower’ by Anne Christie (enters at position 47).
  • Chris De Bruyne may both Strongest riser (“Dear Jacoba”, +57 places) as strongest descendant (“What I Live For”, places -39) in his name.

Long live the Low Countries

From Monday 30 August to Friday 3 September, Radio 1 is celebrated for a week Long live the Low Countries. Every business day, Xavier Taveirne or Evert Venema discussed a decade with a guest who was very relevant to that period. With Frick de Jong, Gail Beilin, Typhon and others. But there was more: listeners could enjoy classic Lage Landen songs every day, covered by young talent. and in Long live the Low Countries Michael Robberechts invites a Dutch / Flemish artist duo every evening from Monday to Wednesday. Find out the highlights of the past week below.

digital stream

If you can’t get enough of Low Country, you can always enjoy Radio 1 Lage LandenList stream, With a constant mix of the best Dutch music. With digital broadcasting, everyone can enjoy only artists from Flanders and the Netherlands all day, 24/7, via the Radio 1 app and Radio 1.be.

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