April 17, 2024

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Christel cheats on his fiancée Reggie, but he can't laugh about it: 'I'd rather crawl back into bed' |  television

Christel cheats on his fiancée Reggie, but he can't laugh about it: 'I'd rather crawl back into bed' | television

televisionYou might expect that as a DJ he would always be ready to throw a big party, but this is certainly not always the case with Regi Penxten (47). In “Reggie Gets Married”, his fiancée Krystle had to come up with a good ruse to get him to his bachelor party. When he discovers the truth, the DJ is not satisfied at all.

“We have to lure Reggie to the airport without him knowing where he's going.” According to witnesses Peter and Lester, this was the only way to take the DJ on a bachelor trip to Altea, Spain. To make the plan successful, they were in cahoots with Reggie's lady, Krystle. She saved time in her fiancé's schedule by making fun of him. “He thinks we'll both go to the Ardennes. He'll be very disappointed,” said the blonde.

look. In Altea, Spain, Lester asks if Reggie has already chosen the opening dance

Turns out Krystle actually has prophetic gifts. That became clear when she drove Reggie to the airport to surprise him. When the DJ got out of the car and saw Lester, he immediately got back inside. “His face already speaks volumes,” sighed the unfortunate witness. Christel had little hope left: “He's in a very bad mood.”


“I don't want to,” Reggie tried to avoid his fate, like a kid wanting to miss a day of school. But to no avail: after a big kiss from Christel, he and his two witnesses are left to their fate. “I'll let it happen,” he finally admitted. “I would have preferred to go home and continue sleeping. But these guys had already arranged everything, so I said to myself: ‘Don’t be so ungrateful.’ Get on the plane and Have some fun“.”

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Although first Reggie had to express his displeasure to his comrades. “I'm here for you, not for me.” The fact that he didn't even know at that moment what his final destination was didn't spoil the – ahem – fun. “I don't really care,” the DJ responded forcefully. Fortunately, overall, it wasn't too bad for the future groom. From a nice glass of bubbles to a crazy adventure on jet skis and dinner at a stellar restaurant: Reggie's witnesses finally managed to put a smile on the DJ's face.

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