December 8, 2023

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Claire also has hits and misses

Claire also has hits and misses

There are ups and downs in Princess Claire’s closet. Curator Petra has listed it for you.

Top hats 👍

What a beautiful suit, consisting of a pleated skirt, a shirt and a jacket with a bow in the front, Princess Claire is wearing here. We saw her wear this outfit at Albert and Charlene’s wedding. Then that big hat, wow, I say: winner!

Personal protective equipment
Photo © PPE / vd Werf

A beautiful green prom dress for Claire during the celebration of the silver wedding anniversary of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Theresa.

Photo © PPE / Nieboer

What a beautiful piece this dress is, it was worn during National Holiday 2010. The only downside is that part of the lining sticks out. Otherwise perfect!

Photo © PPE / Nieboer

What a hat/hair accessory to wear with her.

Photo © PPE / Nieboer

We also saw this photo on the blog about Claire’s style, but I also think this outfit belongs in the toppers. She looks so happy in red.

Photo © PPE / Nieboer

I think this red dress looks amazing on Princess Claire!

At a gala before her wedding to Prince Laurent, Claire Combs wore this chic white jacket over slightly wider white trousers.

During the gala dinner that followed the wedding of hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Grand Duchess Stephanie, we saw Princess Claire in this elegant green dress.

Photo © PPE / Nieboer

Beautiful dress at the wedding of Belgian Princess Maria Laura

Photo © PPE / Nieboer

miss 👎

Okay, this prom dress isn’t hideously ugly, but the color doesn’t do much for Princess Claire, and I really don’t like the criss-cross collars.

I also don’t like the “collar” of this dress.

Mwah, the purple fabric with a woven pattern isn’t my favorite either.

Princess Claire at the Christmas party. © PPE / Nieboer

Well, maybe there are people who think this is cool, but I don’t like this at all.

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This dress is also “not my cup of tea”.

Photo © PPE / vd Werf