April 16, 2024

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Colruyt wants to offer tasting again: "We start with...

Colruyt wants to offer tasting again: “We start with…

© Mark Hermans-Curilio

Supermarket chain Colruyt wants to introduce tasting in its stores again in the short term. “We want to start with wine, because we can organize that safely.”

In March of last year, at the start of the Corona crisis, Colruyt decided to temporarily stop providing free samples. This is to reduce the risk of contamination in the store. The supermarket chain now wants to gradually start again with tastings. “We’re going to start serving wine,” spokeswoman Eva Biltrest said. “It’s easy to organize in a safe way. Customers just have to touch the bottle to pour, then sanitize their hands well. They only take off mouth masks at will, and this tasting only happens in a specific area. It’s not meant for people to walk into the store with their glass and have a drink every now and then. “.

Colruyt can’t yet say exactly when the tasting will start. “But for wine it can be very close. It will also happen at the same time in all stores.” And what about the wine? We don’t know yet how it will go. We’ll first see how smoothly the wine is going and what the reactions are.”

So we shouldn’t expect to get boxes of nuts or chips right away. “This is not an option we are looking at right now. But I don’t think anyone can predict whether we will return to a pre-corona state.”