December 8, 2023

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Column Walter Schrader: Rethink |  city ​​key

Column Walter Schrader: Rethink | city ​​key

The city’s leading columnist, Walter Schrader. (Photo: Robert Van Cleef)

While cleaning out my desk I found a book on thinking. This rethink was very fashionable about four years ago. It is not incomprehensible when we try to process the messages in today’s newspaper with positive thinking.

As it turned out, for example: more than 55 percent of young people do not feel lonely and 66 percent do not have mental problems at all. This is very positive given the state of the world. Even think about it, the fact that 30 percent of insects haven’t gone away yet is pretty worrying.

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Omthinking column for the radio show Morning with Marian and Roiland.

However, long waiting lists for mental health care. This is proof that we’re doing a good job preventatively, because if you’re not thinking about someone’s mental health, you’re not referring them to a GGZ either.

Other insurers will laugh and do a happy dance at this message after a little rethinking.

Another post through rose-tinted glasses. It seems that the Ringe Hospital only works on patients who are insured with Zorg in Zakerhead. Other insurers will laugh and do a happy dance at this message after a little rethinking. The chances of medical errors and errors are minimized for their patients, and there is no communication, so there are no serious misunderstandings. Thinking about it, Zorg en Zekerheid’s competitors expect a huge influx of patients in this new year’s switch circus who believe they can avoid expensive surgery and unnecessary medication in this way.

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I applied to my hobby destroying medicines after all. Minister says one hundred million will be destroyed. However, recent research points to two billion. You can get mad about it, as I did, but you can also keep in mind that far more patients than VWS calculated will never experience all of those harmful side effects. After all, their medicine was rendered harmless by the Holocaust.

In Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe and Zeeland you can no longer get a GP, which put an abrupt end to the annoyance of long waiting times for a consultation.

Rethink. 66 percent of young people do not have mental problems.

Wildfires, floods and yes the temperature and sea level. They are rising much faster than expected. There are more droughts and more storms. Rethink. 66 percent of young people do not have mental problems. What a positive sign, what flexibility and what confidence that we will solve it together.

Walter Schrader He said goodbye to his practice as a general practitioner in Leiden and retired. barely. Because he now wants to work as much as possible with as many other voluntary professionals for Leiden’s contribution to particle control, food forestry, and preventive health care. Every month he gives his column on the radio show De Morgen with Marianne and Roeland on a topic in healthcare close to his heart.


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