November 29, 2023

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Completely fossil-free diesel is more widely available in Belgium for the first time |  interior

Completely fossil-free diesel is more widely available in Belgium for the first time | interior

Since Thursday, 100 percent fossil fuel-free diesel has been available at three Q8 filling stations in Belgium. Diesel is made from food sector waste and emits up to 90 percent less carbon dioxide than a regular diesel engine. This month, four additional Q8 filling stations will be powered by fossil-free diesel, or HVO100.

HVO100 stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil: The fuel is produced from waste from the food sector, such as residual waste, cooking oil or animal fats. The oil is treated with hydrogen, after which a 100% fossil-free diesel is made.

The Finnish company, Neste, introduced the HVO100 to the market and is now bringing it to Belgium. Three Q8 gas stations were supplied on Thursday: in Zaventem, Rotselaar and Mechelen. This month, stations in Lokeren, Ranst and Verlaine (in both directions of the motorway) will also be added.

“We invented the technology about fifteen years ago, but at the moment HVO100 is still in its infancy in Belgium,” says Peter Sonnefeld, Vice President of Sales at Neste. “The intention is to introduce more gas stations in the future.”

Neste is committed to ensuring that HVO100 emits up to 90 percent less CO2 than regular diesel. This is great, because it remains burning oil in the engine. “This is because we look at the whole process from start to finish: from recovering the raw materials, via oil production, to burning it. We work with raw materials that are normally discarded, which makes a difference in CO2 emissions. CO2 emissions. “
To refuel fossil-free diesels, owners do not have to make any changes to their diesel car: each diesel engine can refuel HVO100. The cost price of the HVO100 is currently 70 percent higher than regular diesel, but Neste assumes it will drop once more supplies are available.

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