May 26, 2024

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Controversial Piers Morgan gets new show: 'Actually, Megan has been great in my career' |  Famous

Controversial Piers Morgan gets new show: ‘Actually, Megan has been great in my career’ | Famous

FamousControversial British TV presenter Piers Morgan, 56, has taken a new job. The man in his fifties will be presenting a talk show – as yet untitled – on the new talkTV channel, which will air in the spring of 2022. British media reported this. Morgan has been criticized several times for his stern approach to Meghan Markle (40). As a result, he left the popular “Good Morning Britain” earlier this year.

Viewers in the United States, Great Britain and Australia will be able to watch Morgan’s new talk show. For the rest, little is known about the program, although the presenter assures that everyone will be able to share his opinion. “We will have fun,” he added. In addition to a new TV show, Morgan will also receive a bi-monthly column in the American newspaper The New York Post and the British tabloid The Sun.

Morgan came under fire earlier this year after outspoken criticism of the much-discussed interview between Meghan and Prince Harry (37) with Oprah Winfrey (67). “I can’t believe a word she said. ‘Maybe we should nominate her for an Academy Award,'” he said on Twitter. So his “Good Morning Britain” colleagues gave a public lecture on the TV show, after which Morgan decided to give up. “I’m done with this,” he shouted as he He leaves the group At least 57,000 complaints were subsequently lodged with British media watchdog Ofcom about his harsh approach to Meghan and Markle himself, and he also lodged a complaint with the channel.

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In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Morgan said he should be grateful to Meghan for his new job. What does she think of this new program? who cares! Honestly, Megan has been amazing in my career, I really want to thank her.”

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