May 26, 2024

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Corona department for elderly people with dementia in North and Central Limburg |  Bill and Mass

Corona department for elderly people with dementia in North and Central Limburg | Bill and Mass

Due to an increase in corona infections in the North and Central Limburg region, nursing homes, nursing homes and home care organizations (VVT) Proteion, Land van Horne and De Zorggroep are establishing a corona department as a precaution. From November 10, the Integrated Psychiatric Experience Center (IEP) in Venlo will be made available to clients with corona infection from the North and Central Limburg region.

In recent weeks, VVT organizations have been considering creating a rapid space for the growing number of Corona patients in the region. In collaboration with the mental health care organization Vincent van Gogh, which is part of VIGO, De Zorggroep has made plans to create this corona section within IEP Venlo for people with dementia with coronavirus.

Previous waves of contamination have shown that this reception facility may be urgently required for clients who are temporarily unable to return home or who cannot be admitted to a nursing home due to injury. By opening this section in a timely manner, organizations are well prepared if infections continue to increase. In addition, hospitals can be rested because there is a better flow of their patients.

Under the Venlo Intensive English Program, which is located at Vikouri Medical Center, mental health organizations Vincent van Gogh and de Zorgrup typically work together to care for elderly people with dementia and misunderstood behavior. Because staff at the IEP already have experience caring for elderly people with dementia, this location was found to be appropriate to receive this specific group of COVID-19 patients.

The corona department is separated from other hospital care departments to prevent cross-contamination. Locks are also being created for customers with corona, employees and suppliers.

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Customers currently residing in Venlo’s IEP at regular locations will be accepted at an accelerated rate, if they ever go there, or be accommodated in a Venray IEP. The Corona section will be available from Wednesday, November 10.