April 22, 2024

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Corona injuries continue to progress in residential care centers

Corona injuries continue to progress in residential care centers

The number of residential care centers with one or more coronavirus cases doubled to 110 this week.

At least 65 residential care centers have been added this week with the coronavirus outbreak. This is roughly the same number that was reported last week. Then there were 66, as reported in today’s newspaper. The Health and Welfare Agency no longer distinguishes between residential care centers with a low number of infections and centers with five or more outbreaks.

On Thursday, spokesman Joris Munins said the outbreaks are now larger and amounting to 30, 40 or more infections per hospital. “We now assume that residential care centers with a small number of infections will soon exceed five,” Munins said Friday.

The omikron variant is very contagious, but it usually does not make the population very ill. They usually have mild cold symptoms, or even feel nothing at all. Many in the field attribute this to the booster shot, which arrived just in time for WZC residents.

rarely to the hospital

Few of the population with severe symptoms require hospitalization. Deaths also remain limited: In the same residential care centers, six people with covid-19 have died since the beginning of January, and one resident likely has been infected as well.

Since the virus is supposed to come from abroad anyway, employees have been required to wear FFP2 masks since Monday. This is highly recommended to visitors. In the residential care centers of the Korean group, free FFP2 masks are given to visitors who request them.

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