February 21, 2024

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Critical statements about Islam come from the Dutch TV family Mila...

Critical statements about Islam come from the Dutch TV family Mila…

Left to right Erica Rinkema, Maxime Milland, Montana Miland and Martin Miland at the presentation of the book “Martien” at the Huis ter Duin Hotel in Noordwijk.

Recently Erika Rinkema (wife of Dutch reality star Martin Miland and mother of Maxime Miland) made in her book, the Mielland family cost dearly the statements critical of Islam. Because less than a week after card-producing Hallmark put an end to the collaboration, a new company has sprung up to distance itself from the TV family.

Source: telegraph

This time it is mattress brand Emma which has announced that it will stop collaborating with Maxime Meiland (25) with immediate effect. An Instagram statement read: “Recent comments from Erica Meilland, mother of Maxime Meilland, go against our values. Since we do not want to judge Maxime based on her mother’s opinions, we have given her the opportunity to respond publicly. So far, she has not responded to this.”

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The company says it “explicitly distances itself” from Erica’s comments. “We do not accept the exclusion or condemnation of a group of people on the basis of their race, religion, sexual orientation or any other personal characteristic. That is why we have decided to end the collaboration with Maxime with immediate effect, because we do not want to work with someone who does not embrace our values ​​of diversity and inclusion.”

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After the publication of “Erica” ​​by Jan Djgraf, there was an uproar at the beginning of this month. It turns out that the woman is very critical of Islam in her book. “No girl wants to ride a bike in the summer wearing a hijab. You want to feel the wind in your hair, right? For example, this is freedom.” She also called those who wore the burqa ‘penguins’.

Erica’s comments have already been criticized from several quarters. Actor Nasreddin Dashar invited the family to his three-part theatrical show about his life and family, “so they can get rid of their Islamophobia,” but Martin and his family did not accept the invitation.

Maxime has yet to comment on the end of the collaboration. SBS6, which broadcasts the series about the Meiland family, said last week that it did not want to comment on the riots.