March 4, 2024

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Crypto platform Bit4You will be declared bankrupt  Economy

Crypto platform Bit4You will be declared bankrupt Economy

The president of the French-speaking companies court in Brussels on Thursday extended the mandate of the interim directors, Nicolas Oshinsky and Dirk Smits, to declare the company bankrupt.

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“All the various attempts to find an alternative to bankruptcy have failed. In this context, the President of the Companies Court took responsibility in the interest of the economic public order and ordered us to declare Bit4You bankrupt,” Nicholas Oczynski responded in the newspaper.

Lawyer Michel Modricamine, who together with Florian Ernot represents about 40 percent of depositors and 55 percent of liabilities, has no intention of giving up.

He still hopes to implement the agreement reached with Bit4You shareholders regarding the subordination of a series of debts and the sale of crypto assets that are still available. He wants to submit a petition to appoint a restructuring expert to finalize the deal.

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