May 31, 2024

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Cute dog bites woman's face and eats it: 'It ruined my life'

Cute dog bites woman's face and eats it: 'It ruined my life'

45-year-old Kelly from Swansea (Wales) was bitten by a friend's dog. I cut a piece of her face off and then ate it. The attack came as a surprise because the dog was a mild-mannered dachshund.

“The dog was very gentle and showed no signs of being an aggressive dog at all,” Kelly said. “He would lie on his back to be petted on his stomach and put his head on my lap several times.” woman.

But later that evening, the dog's behavior suddenly changed and bit the woman. “He didn't bark or growl, he charged at me and bit me in the face. Then he started shaking his head back and forth. I felt his teeth deep in my cheek. He tore off a piece and ate it.”

The dog then bit the severely bleeding victim again, this time on her arm. In the hospital, the woman had to undergo plastic surgery, where a piece of skin from her neck was transplanted to her face.

Hide the scar with makeup

The woman was left scarred and traumatized by the attack, which occurred last month. “I lie in bed and cry because I feel his teeth in me. It has left a horrible scar on my face. It has ruined my life because it will never be the same again. I now have to buy camouflage makeup for people.” With facial deformities.”

The police seized the dachshund after the attack that occurred last month. The animal was later put to sleep. Turns out the dog had attacked a person twice before. The victim demands compensation.

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