March 3, 2024

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DaMarcus Beasley is aiming for America as PSV's ambassador

DaMarcus Beasley is aiming for America as PSV's ambassador

Damarcus Beasley will serve as ambassador for PSV to the United States. The former PSV player, who played at Eindhoven between 2004 and 2007, will increase the club's name recognition in his home country. The PSV board is now looking at opportunities, and more American companies are showing interest in the Brainport region.

“As a connector of the south of the business, we want to respond to that trend. We think there are opportunities to not only be commercially active in the US, but also to further expand our fan base,” explains business director Franz Janssen.

Another reason is that the World Cup will be held in the US in less than three years. In addition to Beasley, PSV will collaborate with Bob van Oosterhout. “Bob has a lot of sports marketing experience and a very extensive network in both Europe and the US. He's been doing business there for years,” says Johnson.

American tour

PSV's interest in America is not new. Eindhoven's club has been on the American tour for some time now. In the past, DaMarcus Beasley and Lee Nguyen, among others, have worn the red and white of PSV.

Nowadays there are quite a few Americans hanging around with the people of Eindhoven. For example, technical director Ernest Stewart is an American citizen. Additionally, three American players were signed last summer. Ricardo Pepi arrived from FC Groningen, while Sergino Test and Malik Tillman were recruited from FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich respectively. On the other hand, there was the temporary departure of Richard Ledesma.


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