March 5, 2024

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De Bongerd opens an outdoor fitness space

De Bongerd opens an outdoor fitness space

You probably shouldn't think about doing pull-ups and deadlifts outdoors yet, but starting next spring that will be an option at the Sports Center de Bongerd. The space that was used by the outdoor climbing wall will be ready in April for individual fitness and group classes such as boot camp.

The idea of ​​outdoor fitness was born in the time of Corona, when he had to give a number of sports lessons abroad. “People were really excited about it,” says Tegmen Ostenbrugge, senior strength and athletics coordinator. “They wondered why they couldn't always practice outside when the weather was nice.” Last year, the indoor fitness area received a major renovation, and the final part of that renovation is the construction of the outdoor fitness area.

Boiler pressure

Anyone who has visited a fitness center in Bongerd knows that it is sometimes very crowded. Ostenbrugge: “Between 4pm and 8pm, there are regularly 120 athletes walking around, and in the first weeks after the New Year, some extra people are always added.” An outdoor area can relieve some stress during hectic hours.

In that outdoor area, some old climbing stands still hang on the wall, opposite new lamps and speakers. There is already a brand new rack for strength training and calisthenics, and there is still a need to install a lockable cabinet for free weights. When the weather is nice, various devices can be moved outside from the indoor area. Group lessons can also be given. Austinbrugge: Consider classes like staff strength training, Wageningen Beasts classes, and boot camp. I think about 10 to 15 classes a week could be held outside.' This allows the expansion of the sports program.

Design drawing of the outdoor fitness area. Photo of Sports Center de Bongerde


What if it rains or is really cold? “We have consciously chosen to go outdoors, but we will probably put down a tarpaulin to protect from the rain. We will have to wait and see how things go in the winter, but we believe this also attracts a certain target group. Sports where the heart rate remains The heart is high all the time at a low temperature, but with strength training, where you stand still for two minutes between exercises, you cool down too much.

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