May 24, 2024

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Delhaize gets bans on strike locations across all stores |  internal

Delhaize gets bans on strike locations across all stores | internal

Posting of strikes is prohibited in all Delhaize stores and distribution centers throughout Belgium. A spokesperson for the supermarket chain said this on Tuesday. On Tuesday morning, two more shops in Antwerp are closed due to the procedures, and a legal notice is being sent there.

Delhaize had previously secured bans on strike points in stores and warehouses in certain areas through a unilateral petition from the court, until the end of April. “The petition has now been extended, and it now also applies to the entire Belgian territory,” said Delhaize spokesman Roel Dekelver.

Thus, the supermarket chain can continue to send bailiffs to closed stores due to protest actions against management’s plans to turn its 128 stores into independent operators.

On Tuesday morning, two Antwerp stores were closed due to the measures, after which Delhaize sent a report. At about 9:30 a.m., DeKilver reported that one of those two stores, Fruithof, had opened in the meantime.

Two more Delhaize stores were closed on Tuesday, both in Brussels. The “Prince de Liège” store in Molenbeek has been closed for technical reasons, and the Flagey store in Ixelles has been preventively closed by the same management for several days. The second store that closed preemptively, in Bergen, opened its doors again on Tuesday, according to the spokesperson. There were no problems at the distribution centers on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday afternoon, management and trade unions will meet during the Labor Council.

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