June 17, 2024

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Delhaize gives all Belgian employers and employees a 20% discount on "healthy food" |  interior

Delhaize gives all Belgian employers and employees a 20% discount on “healthy food” | interior

Twenty percent discount on Nutri-Score A or B food products. The Delhaize supermarket chain wants to offer this benefit to all employers in Belgium. With the “Healthy Membership” you can save up to 60 euros per month.

According to the supermarket chain, this is a “revolutionary concept” in which employees are not only encouraged to choose a balanced diet, but also have greater purchasing power. The program is free of taxes and social security contributions and is therefore very attractive to businesses, organizations and their employees. The Governing Committee and the RSZ District confirmed this as well.”

Delhaize collaborated on this concept with software company Unbox, which tested a similar pilot project (Healthy Ucoins) in 2019 in a select group of companies. The result in that time was that 11,000 participants “significantly” bought more products with Nutri-Score A and B.

The autumn

Delhaize now offers the concept to all employers in Belgium. The 20% discount is settled by the Superplus card of the supermarket chain. “Partina Health Insurance and a number of large employers – representing about 10,000 employees – have already committed and will start the program in the fall,” she said on Tuesday.

According to the spokesperson, the fact that the discount can only be used in Delhaize stores is not a cause for criticism. Healthy eating is perfectly in line with our philosophy. And people remain free to shop wherever they want.”

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He also notes the high prices of raw materials in the supermarket: “From next year, the average family will pay an additional 300 euros per year” (+)