December 4, 2022

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Demir is not pleased with the settlement proposal at the climate summit: "Timmermans wants to wash his own reputation" |  environment

Demir is not pleased with the settlement proposal at the climate summit: “Timmermans wants to wash his own reputation” | environment

Flemish Environment Minister Sahel Demir (N-VA) lamented that European negotiator Frans Timmermans brought a compromise proposal to the table late last night at the climate conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. In this way, try to give a new impetus to the negotiations about damage and loss.

“I regret that Timmermans goes along with all sorts of new financing mechanisms, just to wash his image a bit. European countries – and certainly our country – do a lot of international climate finance. Above all, let’s use it purposefully before we create all kinds of new financing mechanisms,” he says. It seems.

Demir, who was not physically present in Sharm El-Sheikh, emphasized that several EU member states had indicated during the European coordination meeting that they did not support this new funding mechanism. In addition to our country, these countries included Germany, Sweden, Slovakia and Poland.

“Create the bridge”

However, the Timmermans came up with a compromise proposal to “bridge the bridge” to poor countries. They have been claiming a specific loss and damage fund for some time. The Vice-President of the European Commission has set some conditions. For example, all major economies – including China – must contribute to it and greenhouse gas emissions must be effectively reduced.

Demir now argues that this proposal contradicts the Belgian position and previous statements by Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo. “We believe that this issue should be addressed through existing instruments. It is impossible for a new mechanism to capture the complexity of this file. In the short term, this will not lead to concrete solutions for the most vulnerable communities, ”concludes Demir.

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