May 30, 2023

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Despite Remko and Giroux: The number of Corona cases in our country is not very low in months, the latest figures show | internal

Riders are dropping like flies in the Giro, at least 34 had to leave the race because of Corona. Is there more corona in society again than we think? Not at all, says virologist Stephen Van Gucht. The latest numbers from Sciensano show that we are at the lowest level in months.

“Corona is already in a recession,” says Stephen van Gucht. “Only positive news.” Last week, an average of 232 corona infections were added per day in our country. A month ago that number was still at 521, down more than 55 percent. These are the latest numbers from Sciensano. “Although it means little, of course, because we don’t test anymore,” Van Gutt continues. Week we will analyze wastewater from water purification plants for corona. And on this curve you can see that corona activity has not been that low since the beginning of January: “The virus is still there, but very little.”

They also confirm that the number of corona infections is much lower in the Domus Medica GP group. “In addition, doctors don’t test anymore. It’s not necessary. We no longer consider corona anything other than an ordinary infection. We notice that patients often say on their own: ‘I did a self-test.’ It’s not corona.” Tegels says:

Van Gogh still points to the course. “In a group event like the Giro, of course, it’s many more people together and the risk of contamination is greater, and we know that. I think corona tests have to be used wisely, with people who are really at risk like people with cancer or transplants. Whether the riders have corona or the flu Or bacteria: they have to perform high and if they are sick, this is not a good idea anyway. In competitions, you will always find corona positives, even those who are not sick, so testing there is a strategy that I will not use anymore.

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