July 22, 2024

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Diablo Immortal has a pay-to-loss model (sort of)

Diablo Immortal has a pay-to-loss model (sort of)

Does Diablo Immortal Pay to Win or Not? Many believe so, and Blizzard does not. And yes, you can pump a truckload of money into it, but that’s where you buy at most – with a little luck – “gems” The front and there is no OP gear. But what Blizzard doesn’t tell you is that with the $100,000 you can also unlock the super-secret pay-for-loss model, which YouTuber jtisallbusiness did.

Because JT (I can name him) can’t find a match in PvP Battlegrounds anymore. His character was so terribly overpowered that no one came close to his skill stats. Because of that, JT now spends 48-72 hours in the lobby ending up with no one around. And he doesn’t like it, especially because he’s already been there for three weeks in Blizzard Complains.

The now committed reader might say, “Wait a minute, you’re making a mistake here. JT is talking about $80,000 and you’re talking about $100,000.” This is correct. It also shows how crazy this business is. Not only does this guy spend a fortune on a free-to-play game to be a Popi YouTuber, but he’s also a Popi YouTuber who shamelessly pumps an extra $20,000 into a free-to-play game that – by his hefty spending pattern – has problems with it. Because yes, you have to leave your money somewhere.

Anyway, now that JT is $100,000 poorer and Blizzard didn’t immediately consider asking for his welfare issue to be resolved, the YouTuber is still considering asking for his money back.

Honestly… I wish Blizzard would give him the middle finger aggressively. I’m not a fan of cash grabs, but ethnic jerks like JT might just have to feel it the hard way. Have a little fun and then cry because you ruined the game with your stupid behavior. Flash on the guy.

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