April 21, 2024

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Did the heat beat the people in public broadcasting?

Did the heat beat the people in public broadcasting?

The new Anne and Willie got up – if they had stayed where they were. No idea how many people died this weekend, but I went through a dark tunnel, and there was no light, let alone an end, to be seen. Cesca Shooters and Nils Disstadsbader, who earn a combined annual wage of €600,000, have had my head pile in rippling waves of seagull dung in Blankenberge for an hour perpetually, and I’m at the bottom. Looking for air. soaking in feces;

Does the free prevail over public broadcasters? Excited pretending to dam, didn’t we already wear it at the Tomb of the Sailor at the turn of the century? Which Eldorado do the senior VRT team think they can discern in this mirage?

This episode of summer hit I started with #Like mediverse. He didn’t qualify to win but what was he doing here? It consisted of ‘J’aime la vie’ but without the real enthusiasm of 14-year-old Sandra Kim, ‘Beautiful, Life is Beautiful’ but without the life wisdom of 59-year-old Will Tora, me ‘but with the predatory lover spirit of Maksim Stojanac and ‘Soldiers of Love’, which were wisely brought in at the start of this evening. It is topped by Gary Hager’s idea, two concepts I prefer to see several paragraphs in between – and if possible: the oceans of the world.

These songs were soulless creatures at the time, but now they’ve put a bucket of musical botox through them, only to push them onto a stage where no plug can find an outlet. Make something seem alive, that’s the goal. Outwardly stripped of any soles. High mass of embalming.

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In between, Destadsbader is interviewed on his show, because Destadsbader is also a guest on his show. In fact, he is vying to win. As if Walter Capiao could also spin the wheel. What kind of cool is this? Should this also be given as a gift to the savior of Linear TV watching?

Schoeters drives an ice cream truck through Blankenberge between two binding scripts accompanied by Sam Ryder, apparently second in Eurosong, the Blankenberge between festivals. Then follows a shipload of dredged material and eventually Polle Pap and Jan Leyers come again 28 years later to ask what it takes. X-Session also quickly rocks an old box, as Jane plays the guitar in a song where there isn’t a single guitar in sight.

This music isn’t just in the heads of VRT heads, it’s TV as well. What a poverty. What a misery. What a sad existence.

Who are these people who are so willing to be lied to that they seem to have become the only target audience of interest?

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