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Discard the chips.  The miracle cure for dandruff!

Discard the chips. The miracle cure for dandruff!

Discard the chips. The miracle cure for dandruff!

Dandruff is something that nearly half of people suffer from at some point. It has nothing to do with personal hygiene, but of course it is uncomfortable. Read on quickly, so you can get back to life without an itchy scalp in no time!

What is dandruff?

Many people think that dandruff means dry skin. There are certainly differences, but first we'll briefly explain what dandruff actually means; Dandruff is a condition in which you experience yellow, greasy flakes on your scalp. This is because scalp cells renew themselves very quickly, even twice as fast (!). If you have suffered from it before, there is a high probability that you will suffer from it again. Fortunately, you can treat this condition! Read on to find out!

How does dandruff develop?

Dandruff female minute

The reason why the skin appears flaky is because the skin barrier is not working properly. The sebaceous glands in your head don't produce enough oil, meaning your skin can no longer retain moisture. This dries out the skin, leading to those annoying flakes.

There is no single cause or method for dandruff to develop. This may vary from person to person. Below are the possible causes that worsen dandruff. These are not specific reasons why you might have dandruff, but they can help reduce dandruff!

  • The scalp is very dry or oily

With a very dry scalp, sebum production increases. Sebum then forms with dead skin cells and becomes visible as skin flakes. Causes of dry scalp can include cold weather and cold air, so it's normal for dandruff to become worse in the winter. But dry scalp can also happen when you wash your hair too often (with the wrong shampoo).

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If you have a (very) oily scalp, your sebaceous glands produce excess oil. This clogs your skin and leads to dandruff. An excessively oily scalp can be due to genetics, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy or menopause.

Everyone knows that stress makes everything worse, so stress can also affect dandruff. When you experience stress, your testosterone and cortisol hormones increase. The increase in these hormones affects sebum production and also weakens the immune system to produce sebum! This causes an imbalance in the scalp, which may increase the risk of dandruff.

Of course, ice cream or a snack every now and then doesn't hurt. But if you always eat unhealthy food, you may suffer from health problems. You may not expect it, but this also affects dandruff. Eating large amounts of sugar and carbohydrates can cause insulin to spike, causing excessive sebum production, or increase the risk of dandruff.

  • Method or frequency of washing hair

If you wash your hair too little, your scalp produces too much oil, which can cause scalp irritation and dandruff. At the same time, if you wash your hair too often, your skin can dry out. This causes the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, which can also lead to dandruff.

Choosing the right hair products for your hair is very important. Too aggressive shampoos, hard water that contains a lot of lemon, and styling products that contain aggressive ingredients such as drying agents, alcohol, or perfumes can cause or worsen dandruff. I can already hear you thinking: “But which hair products should I choose?” Read on, because we will tell you the miracle remedy to combat dandruff!

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How do I treat dandruff?

The most common question among people suffering from dandruff is of course how to treat it properly. Don't worry, because we offer you 5 golden tips to get rid of dandruff!

Tip 1: Use one Anti-dandruff shampoo. We recommend X-Folate anti-dandruff shampoo by pharmaceutical on me.

Tip 2: Try to ignore the itching as much as possible; Scratching makes it worse!

Tip 3: Avoid Heat: You cannot use hot water and hot styling tools if you suffer from dandruff.

Tip 4: Wash your hair about 3 to 4 times a week.

Tip 5: Go to To improve your hair routine, so that dandruff disappears without a trace in a short time!