February 27, 2024

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DIY: Switchgear installation – Fokus Online

DIY: Switchgear installation – Fokus Online

Are you planning to replace or install single-pole or double-pole transformers or two-way switches yourself? Then this step-by-step DIY plan is what you need. Using our step-by-step guide, you can connect the wires correctly. You'll soon be enjoying new keys that perfectly match your home's interior design.

Keys that match your interior

Have you purchased an existing home and aren't the biggest fan of the current keys? Or do they need to be replaced because you prefer new designs? This is definitely possible. Just as your interior design changes over the years, the details associated with it also change.

Step-by-step plan: Replace the old switch

The method of replacing keys is always the same, no matter what it is Brand.

  1. Whatever electrical work you do: safety always comes first. So, first disconnect the power from the light circuit.
  2. Curious what type you have? Then check how many wires are connected.
    • Two wires? Then you have a single-pole switch. Controls one point of light from one place.
    • Four wires? A bipolar or two-pole switch works on the same principle as a single-pole switch and also controls a single point of light from a single location. This type is used in wet areas.
    • Three wires? Then you have the shift key. Controls one point of light from multiple places.
  1. Once you know what type you have, you can remove the button and cover plate from the old switch.
  2. Then you can unscrew the holder and remove the switch from the surface-mounted box.
  3. Then remove the wires by unscrewing the ends of the screws.
  4. Now use the new switch, check if the wires are still intact and strip them again if necessary.
  5. Connect the wires and place them in the surface-mounted box.
  6. Screw the stand level into the surface-mounted box and click the cover plate onto the stand.
  7. Now you can turn the power back on.
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Professional installation

Are you not fully familiar with the world of electricity? Are terms like Railway mounted stations, connector connection, branch box, junction cover and ground terminal do not ring the bell immediately? Then of course you can also rely on an experienced professional. To fully ensure the safety of you and your housemates, it is of course important that every electrical installation is carried out correctly.