April 16, 2024

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Do Meghan and Harry celebrate Christmas in the UK?  'Potential reconciliation opportunity' |  showbiz

Do Meghan and Harry celebrate Christmas in the UK? ‘Potential reconciliation opportunity’ | showbiz

PropertyIt has been clear for some time that Meghan Markle, 40, has a very bad relationship with her in-laws. But even with her family – especially Papa Thomas – she can’t get through one door. However, according to royalty expert Katie Nicholl, it would have been better for her to reconnect with both families. Christmas is a great opportunity for that, it seems soon.

Thomas Markle (77 years old) would like to be able to cuddle his grandchildren – Archie and Lilipet. This is evidenced by the many interviews the man has given for years to anyone who wants to hear him. Only his daughter, Meghan Markle, does not seem to listen to his pleas. Their relationship has soured since Thomas collaborated with the paparazzi before Meghan’s wedding in 2018. He then called off the wedding because he had a heart attack. And since then he has not been in contact with Megan and her husband Harry, who already indicated in interviews that she felt betrayed. Much to the remorse of Thomas, who hopes for reconciliation with his daughter. Thought it had to prioritize. “I’d like to see Meghan and Harry reconcile with the Queen and Harry’s father. Maybe then we can make up for you after that,” he said in a recent interview.

bad for the picture

More people think Meghan should come to terms with her family (husband). Just because all those fights aren’t exactly good for her image. “Given Meghan’s work as a philanthropist, it doesn’t seem too good that she doesn’t have a good relationship with other members of her family, with the exception of her mother, Doria,” property expert Katie Nicholl, who has written a book about Harry and Meghan, told Closer. After seeing her father reach out to her in public in an attempt to reconcile with his daughter and apologize multiple times, Meghan risks appearing as though she does not want to forgive her father and does not. She takes care of him.” Plus, he’s growing up and not really healthy. Now there are also two grandchildren that Thomas hasn’t met. That must be very worrying for him.”

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In-laws priority

Katie adds that Meghan is likely to prioritize her relationship with her in-laws, which also needs repair. When Harry and Meghan left, they made it clear that they did not want to give up their home in Britain. They still have Frogmore Cottage and so plan to return to the UK. Christmas is a good opportunity. Then there may be extenuating circumstances that can pave the way for reconciliation. “In any case, that’s what the Queen wants,” says Nicole. “Prince Charles wants to see his grandchildren. If they can get together, it would be a clear sign that they want to move on and solve their problems.”

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