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Do you choose baking soda, lemon, or bleach?  With these tips you will get sparkling white sheets again  My guide

Do you choose baking soda, lemon, or bleach? With these tips you will get sparkling white sheets again My guide

vtwonenWhite bedding looks great new and fits into any interior style, but over time imperfections also appear. It's hard to get stains out of those snow-white sheets, covers and pillowcases. The color of the fabric can suddenly change to yellow or grey. No thanks necessary: vtwonen.be Summarizes how you can get your bedding radiant white again, step by step.

What causes white bedding to become discolored?

Discoloration is usually a result of heavy use, the night sweats we all do and contact with care products like night cream or body wash left in bed.

With a simple wash you can get the bedding clean, but no longer truly white. You can of course replace your sheets, or you can use one of the following tricks and save on these costs.

The miracle cure

Baking soda, also known as baking soda, is something you definitely want to have in your home. You can clean countless things with it, and it makes your bedding white again. It penetrates deeply into the fabric and is effective against unpleasant odors.

Add half a cup of baking soda to a packet of laundry detergent, in addition to the detergent you normally use. Make sure to run only white laundry in the washing machine. Do you suffer from stubborn stains in white bedding? Then make a paste of baking soda with a little water and apply this mixture on the stain. Let it soak for a while, then wash it and get rid of those stains.

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From bathroom to kitchen: You can also clean this with baking soda.

Natural mineral

Borax, a natural mineral, is also an excellent way to turn your bedding white again. You can add half a cup to the wash. Another option is to soak the bedding overnight in a mixture of borax and water. Then there is a greater chance of colors disappearing from white bedding.

Lemon juice

Another natural remedy for pearly white bedding is lemon juice. Lemon acid cleans the fabric and turns it white again.

Make a mixture of one part lemon and one part water. Soak the bedding in this and let it soak. This works best in the bathtub. This way you can soak the entire bedding right away. Then wash the bedding and it will shine again.

No more expensive (and dangerous) chemical products: Lemon is also your perfect partner in these functions.

Take advantage of the sun

The sun also has bleaching powers. So hang the white sheets outside to dry on a sunny day. This is definitely recommended in combination with one of the tricks described above: the bedding will shine again. Moreover, outdoor dried laundry looks very nice. So it's a win-win situation.

Dishwasher tablet

Do you still think a more consistent treatment is needed? Try it with a dishwasher tablet. Throw one in the washing machine with your laundry and your bedding will be snow white again. Dishwashing tablets usually have a stronger cleaning effect than detergents. They also often go down better. This trick works best on bedding that hasn't changed color in some time.

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White and wrinkle-free bedding? This way you can wash your sheets without having to iron them.

Heavier rifles

If nothing works, you can opt for heavy artillery: bleach. Here too, the bedding will need to be soaked for some time, so make sure you have a large sink or bathtub. Gloves are also desirable. Usually, you mix one part bleach with one part water. But to know the exact proportions, check the bottle label. Using too much bleach can cause stains to appear instead of disappear.

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