April 15, 2024

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Moet je nu eigenlijk nog verplicht winkelen met een kar? “Veel mensen weten het niet”

Do you still have to shop with the cart? “Ve…

Had to shop with the cart for a long time so you could keep your distance

Shopping still has to be done with a mouth mask. But what about the cart or the basket? Is it still necessary or can you go to the store again if you only need one or several things?

says Dieter Snoek, a spokesperson Aldi. But it seems that this decision fell between the differences, and many people do not know it. Regarding our stores, we still require you to use the cart. It’s still a good way to keep distance, but we’re no longer making it mandatory.”

Bee Delhaize It is no longer mandatory. “This has been the case for a while, but we haven’t actually communicated openly about this,” spokesperson Roel Declver says. Colroit I canceled it only at the end of July. “Since then, we have once again made all shopping carts available to customers and they can also re-enter the store without a cart,” spokeswoman Patti Verdaudt said. “This applies to all of our stores, including OKAnd spar from Bio Planet. There is no relaxing way to disinfect so-called contact points, so we keep disinfection poles in stores where people can disinfect their hands and shopping cart.

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Devices that count customers have also been canceled in the meantime. “You’ll still see these devices and screens with us,” Dieter Snoek says. “But the machine itself is no longer turned on, it is no longer necessary to count the number of customers, and we are still using screens to communicate with our customers.”

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