April 17, 2024

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Do you think classic solar panels are ugly?  These smarter alternatives are also an option  My guide

Do you think classic solar panels are ugly? These smarter alternatives are also an option My guide

LiviusWith rooftop solar panels, you can opt for solar power without changing the look of your roof. But how exactly does that happen? Are there other solutions for those who don't really like solar panels? Livios construction site Discover.

The eye wants something too

With traditional solar panels, you can save on energy costs, but on an aesthetic level – according to some – such a series of panels on your roof is a different matter. That changes with rooftop solar panels. Don't put those solar panels on your sloping roof: they're your roof, or part of it.

If you build your roof with rooftop solar panels, you are immediately installing a complete roof system. The solar panels are then sunk into the roof surface. You can place the panels directly on top of each other or in a staggered pattern. You can make connections with other ceiling elements using mounting boards of the same color, cut to size.

It is important that the solar panels are waterproof, so that moisture does not enter the roof structure. The result is a roof that is water, fire and wind resistant. You can also combine the system with a skylight.

Do you want to invest in solar panels, but are wondering how many you need? It depends on your power consumption and the power of the panels.

Other solutions

There are other options that free you from traditional solar panels, such as panels that you place between flat roof tiles. They are the same height as the ceiling tiles, but wider. You can also find solar roof tiles that have exactly the same shape as classic corrugated roof tiles. The curved shape causes more shadow, which means lower energy production. Solar panels on roof tiles may also be small, meaning they produce less energy.

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A slate roof is more suitable for solar panels, and yes: there are solar panels too. Thanks to their flat shape, the panels and solar panels fit together well. The roof must slope between 25 degrees and 90 degrees for the solar panels to be profitable enough.

You can also cover your roof with quick-cover tiles, mounting solar panels directly on it. Pressure deck tiles are suitable for this because they are wider. This means that wider solar panels fit inside it, making its efficiency higher.

How do you know when your current solar panels need to be replaced? And then what happens to him? You have to know this.

“But” task

The prices of all these solutions are higher. On average, roof tiles with solar panels will be 30 to 40 percent more expensive than regular solar panels. And when you move, it's hard to take them with you.

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