April 15, 2024

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Thuiswerken bij Google? Dat is dan minder verdienen

Do you work from home at Google? This is less profit

Google employees who choose to work from home permanently will likely have to provide a portion of their wages. Especially if they live away from work.

During the pandemic, many companies have discovered that working from home may not be that bad. But many of the big tech giants in Silicon Valley were particularly favoring more people in the office. For example, Google has now made a wage calculation for employees who want to work from home. Those who live further away will earn less. Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter have also worked out such a scheme. Employees who live far away, and therefore often live in cheaper areas, will earn less.

“Our advantages have always been determined by location. We always pay very well for where someone lives.” “Our new job site tool has been developed to help employees make informed decisions about the city they live in and the impact of working from home.”

A Google employee complained to Reuters that he would have to pay 10 percent of his wages if he had to work from home. This is while he normally commutes for two hours to work in Seattle. Another employee working in Stamford, Connecticut, an hour by train from New York, would earn 15 percent less profit if he worked from home. Also in Boston and San Francisco there were 5 to 10 percent differences.