January 28, 2023

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Doctor and sexologist develops wireless erection monitor

Doctor and sexologist develops wireless erection monitor

In addition to the name, the doctor and sexologist also came up with a suitable acronym for the TRIP patch: (Assessment of transcutaneous rigidity through penile ischemia). idea Developments The idea for the new erection monitor came about two years ago when Tripp told her partner that the old device was no longer working. This was not too annoying for those who wore it due to all kinds of wires. It is also hopelessly outdated in terms of computer technology. “My partner was immediately like, ‘There has to be something to come up with,'” Tripp said.

The importance of erection scale

Erection measurements are important for patients undergoing prostate surgery, among other things. Trip is currently investigating the functionality, operation and especially the interpretation of the results of the new wireless meter in relation to those of the previously popular instrument. Ultimately, Tripp says, three groups could benefit from an erection monitoring study. Men with prostate cancer, candidates for artificial erection and men with erectile dysfunction that cannot be immediately explained.

In patients with prostate cancer, it is important to determine whether an erection is still possible at all. After prostate surgery or radiation, the nerves involved are usually preserved as much as possible. Much research is being done into so-called radiation and erection-saving treatments. Among other things in UMC Utrecht† However, if after examination with an erectionometer it appears that the patient in question is no longer able to have an erection, the attending physician can decide to remove or irradiate more tissue.

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Searching for prosthetics

It is also important for men who are eligible for an erection prosthesis to know whether the penis itself no longer has erectile capabilities. Such a process is irreversible because the erectile tissue is removed. So you only want to do it if the body itself doesn’t have more options,” says Tripp.

In men with erectile dysfunction that cannot be directly explained, it is important to determine whether an erection is physically impossible, or if there is a psychological cause. The new wireless erection meter can also be used for this purpose.

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