April 16, 2024

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Does a relationship with a (much) younger partner work out?  'Can also be enriched' |  Nina

Does a relationship with a (much) younger partner work out? ‘Can also be enriched’ | Nina

For the eighth time, Leonardo DiCaprio (47 years old) hit his girlfriend as soon as she turned 25 years old. In the past, the actor only dated women at least ten years younger. Why are young foals so attractive to some? Relationship therapist Sarah Hertens offers two reasons, and explains when there is still a chance for a relationship with a significant age difference. “For an older partner, it’s about more than just ego stroking.”

Seven women. Many girlfriends got vouchers from Leonardo DiCaprio at the age of 25 at the most. And now, while she was recently dubbed “the woman of his life,” Camila Moroni, 25, is eighth in the rankings. Since I hit the 25-year mark last June, the whole world has held its breath. And it appeared on social media that “her lease contract is about to expire.” Only two months later, it was already so.

“It really does look as if Leonardo ended his relationships based on age,” says relationship therapist Sarah Hertens. “A study once showed that women are more physically attractive at the age of 25. Perhaps Leonardo believed that he should not go beyond this head for too long, in order to prevent “decay.” Although this is a cause for concern. Especially for the next girl in Class “.

Young, youngest, youngest partner

Another surprising fact about Leo’s love story is that in recent years he has only dated women who were at least ten years younger than him at a time. He even fell out with Camilla by about 22 years. Why are some people, like Leo, only attracted to a younger partner? Hertens has two simple explanations for this. “The younger person represents the fun and youth ahead of them with a full life. This is attractive to the older partner, because they are automatically drawn to that adventure.”

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“In addition, it is also normal for an older partner to be able to bond with someone at a young age. This person likes to be older. It provides a bit of strength and control, but also shows that the person has a caring nature.”

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Leonardo DiCaprio with his ex-girlfriend Camila Morrone. © ISOPIX

Gravity can also be explained in reverse. “The older partner provides security and stability. Often this person already has financial security and a home that is almost paid for. These aspects, in turn, attract mainly the younger partner. In the case of Leonardo, I would say that young women fall in love with him because he is a status symbol in Hollywood. He is just Can “.

Celebrate together, go out together

However, the relationship with a significant age difference should not be underestimated. “In the long term, ‘fear of losing’ can develop, which can lead to jealousy. I often see this in relationships where the woman is older than the man,” says Hertens. “This jealousy also arises when the older partner can’t always keep up with the younger partner’s busy social life.”


If you are wondering what else you do as a couple together, you should ring the alarm

Sarah Hertens, Relationship Specialist

Life visions can also conflict with each other in the long term. “The young partner still has a full career ahead, while the older partner already has a backpack. This also applies to wanting to have children. Does the young partner want to start a family? Then you both have to fully support that. Sometimes an older person thinks that It is no longer necessary.”

“The same goes for activities a couple does. Does one want to party on the weekend while the other wants to lie quietly on the sofa? This can lead to frustration in the long run. If you two are wondering what to do together as a couple, you should knock The alarm sounds and a conversation begins.

Another challenge: wisdom. “An older person may already have been through a lot. The approach and way of life may differ from that of a younger person. It can again lead to tensions, but it can also be enriching.”

keys to success

There is no doubt that the relationship with the large age difference is hard work. Hertens offers four tips for success. “The most important thing is to find a balance between connectivity and independence. Do enough activities together, but also give both of you space to plan your own things. If someone wants to party for four days at a festival, the other doesn’t necessarily have to swing there either. Both partners must allow you to do the activities separately. “

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Expert Sarah Hertens.

Expert Sarah Hertens. © VTM

“Show also enough attention in each other’s living environment. Show who you are and what you find important in life. Keep challenging and surprising each other. For example, as a younger woman, go to a lecture that your older partner finds interesting. He can then accompany you on a night out.”

Another tip from Hertens is to chat with each other regularly. Then evaluate your relationship. Are you both happy What do you find difficult? open communication very important. Also keep mentioning the good aspects of your relationship.”

Hertens is also clear about what the outside world thinks. These couples often hear: “Here he is again with his little leaf” or “She’s only with him for the money.” leave this negative comment But behind. And don’t let that lead to an argument between you. Stand strong as a couple and be a team. If you feel good and know your relationship is working, spread this message to the outside world together. As a couple, that can also have a very lasting effect.”

Can you succeed?

Despite the obstacles, other people’s opinions, and lamented examples from the past, we still have one question: Can a relationship with a significant age difference ever work? Hertens: It’s certainly possible. Any relationship is hard work. However, this configuration has a bit more risks and challenges. If you can manage it and keep working hard using the keys to success, love conquers all. (Laugh)

Letter to Leonardo: “There is still hope.”

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