February 28, 2024

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Dons wins pre-selection for 'Supernova' in Latvia and goes to Malmö – Songfestival.be

Dons wins pre-selection for 'Supernova' in Latvia and goes to Malmö – Songfestival.be

Not surprising in Latvia. The bookies' favourite, Dons, won pre-selection in Latvia tonight Supernova. This earns the singer a ticket to Malmö. With the song hollow Dons will perform at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest.

After last week's semi-final, the final was held in Latvia on Saturday evening. Ten artists competed for a ticket to Sweden.

Pre-selection with name Supernova Presented by Loris Rennicks and Kitja Schenberga. In addition to the 10 finalists, there were even more performers on stage. So sang the Estonian Alika Ha BridgesWith which she placed eighth in the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool last year. Gabrielius Vagelis, who has already participated in Lithuania's pre-selections several times, also performed a song.

Third time lucky

The final score was decided by 50% telecast and 50% jury votes. It is known that down One of the most popular singers In Latvia. It has already won the award for most played song on Latvian radio several times. For the singer it is triple magic. He tried to represent Latvia twice before. He was appointed in 2010 and 2014 The second is pre-selection.

# attendees) Song Jury TV broadcast the total place
Alex Silvers for this show
Avi royal
under hollow 1
Outside Intruder
Edwards Strazdenich Rock and Roll Supernova
Funkinbiz After Chisto Voodoo
Katerina Gopalo Cat song 3
Papera ledemacens Distracting mind
Saint Levica Tik Tok
Festool Cor? 2

Dons could try to record Latvia's first final berth since 2016. Last year, Latvia just missed out on the final. Sudden Lights placed 11th in the semi-finals. The singer will participate in the second semi-final on May 9.

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Watch Latvia's participation in Malmö 2024 below: