May 28, 2024

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'Drowning young woman' photo attracts attention in Bilbao |  Instagram HLN

‘Drowning young woman’ photo attracts attention in Bilbao | Instagram HLN

A lifelike artwork of a woman drowning in the Nervion River causes many a shocking look at passersby. Mexican artist Ruben Orozco, known for his hyper-realistic images, aims to get people to think about climate change and sustainability through his work.

The artist Orozco created the fiberglass work for the charitable department of Spain’s Cosabank. The statue, titled Bihar, which means “morning” in Basque, sometimes disappears underwater for a while when the river is high. The Mexican artist told Spanish news site Nuis that his work should show people “that our actions can drown us or make us afloat”.

The statue, which weighs at least 115 kilograms, was placed in the Nervion River last Thursday at midnight. Most passers-by are shocked when they see the artwork. “I felt very uncomfortable when the face came out of the water,” said Triana Gill, a visitor who saw the photo. “But now that I’m above water, I basically see sadness. It’s as if she’s not even worried, like she’s letting herself go.”

Mexican artist Ruben Orozco with his statue in the background. © Environmental Protection Agency

Another spectator initially thought that the statue was a memorial to a tragic event. “In the meantime, I’ve learned that it’s about the consequences of climate change, but I think each person can make a special meaning of it,” he said.

“Bihar” is not Arozco’s first work in Bilbao. Two years ago, he had a statue of a lonely old woman on a park bench. For example, he wanted to discuss the topic “Loneliness in the elderly”.


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