April 16, 2024

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Due to growing success, Michel Boyles moved with Ciweld from the garden house to the larger studio

Due to growing success, Michel Boyles moved with Ciweld from the garden house to the larger studio

Ciweld, the sole proprietorship owned by entrepreneur Michel Bolz, has grown significantly in recent years and is therefore moving into a larger workshop. Ciweld can now be found in a studio of approximately 300 square meters along the Lier ring road. The company manufactures custom metal and steel construction and unique bicycle trailers.

In 2020, Michel Boyles founded Ciweld based on his passion for welding and design. He started out as a freelancer as a side activity and used a large garden shed in his garden in Leer as a workshop. But in the meantime the company has grown and so has the workshop. “This garden house became too small and it was no longer possible. So I moved to a studio in an industrial area 500 meters away.

In the meantime, Poels has also turned his secondary career into a main career and now works completely independently with Ciweld. He also owes this independence to the many materials he acquired. “When I started out, I made quite a few additional investments, like a forklift, larger welding and assembly tables, a truck and trailer, and a lot of machinery,” he says. “These machines ensure that I have more power in my studio and have to assign less work to the partners. By the way, something I've always dreamed of.

Total package
What sets Ciweld apart is that Michel Boyles is personally responsible for the entire range of its products. From design to development, he does everything himself. “Ciweld’s success lies in mobile transportation, such as bike trailers, and the overall package I can offer my customers,” he says.

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Poels is a welding engineer by training and this knowledge is useful. He is also responsible for designing his own welding work. “I first make a 3D drawing of the design on the computer, then it is made by machine and then I can also weld it together myself,” says Boyles.

Since Poels can do so much himself, clients can also rely on a targeted approach and short lines of communication. “Moreover, nowadays you need a lot of competencies to be able to use all the modern technologies. I especially think that 3D design to control laser cutting machines is an absolute added value for me as an entrepreneur. This way you can work quickly and efficiently,” he says. Businessman: “That's something the average welder on the street doesn't know.”

Poels still sees plenty of room for growth for Ciweld. He currently works alone, but this may change in the future. He believes the new studio is indeed a step in the right direction. “All the pieces of the puzzle are falling together.”