May 21, 2024

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Dutch coronavirus skeptic Willem Engel and antiviral Thierr...

Dutch coronavirus skeptic Willem Engel and antiviral Thierr…

© Robin Utrecht

Dutch politician Thierry Baudt and Willem Engel, Viruswaarheid’s foreman, were not pleased with the numerous tweets they had received in recent days. In the tweets, Engel was said to be at AIVD (General Intelligence and Security Ed.) sits ‘. The hashtag #Thierryisvaccinate was also trending on Twitter on Monday.

#Thierryisvaccinate rolled out on Twitter this weekend and was a huge hit. True or not, the (dwarf) messages as well as the denials of both Baudet and Engel were the red cloth for a bull. Users stumbled upon each other to make fun of him.

For example, group Whatsapp chats, fake news, and memes that will show that Baudet has been grafted, with the caption ‘Do your research’. There are also tweeters who have reported having a “cousin’s brother” who was going to give the photo to Bodt. The “proofs” will appear later on their own. Referring to conspiracy theories surrounding corona and vaccinations based on knowledge or anecdotal evidence as the only source.

Former PvdA leader Ludwik Ussher joked that he sees it as “no delusion” that Baudet is to be blamed for the alleged jab. Whatever his political opinion, this remains his personal choice. Great dude. Jesse Klaver (GroenLinks) also responds to the #Thierryis vaccine: “It’s common, so it has to be right.”


Baudet describes the hashtag and the resulting uproar as “completely ridiculous” and categorically denies having a “trial” Covid hit on his arm. “Obviously I haven’t had any vaccine!” replied on Monday. It is not clear if he uses the QR code for visits to restaurants, for example with proof of refund. There are also many stories on this topic.

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Willem Engel is also angry at reports from his camp that he will be paid by intelligence. This is a tactic to silence him and “sow division” among the unvaccinated, he said on Twitter.