March 4, 2024

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Dutch speeder who killed four people: 'I had priority'

Dutch speeder who killed four people: ‘I had priority’

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The man who caused a traffic accident that killed four people on September 2 in the Dutch town of Oud-Gastel, near Bergen op Zoom, told police that he should have been given priority. That’s why he should also be released, his lawyer argued during a preliminary court hearing in Breda on Thursday.

GVsource: The telegraph

But the court, which saw the camera images of the accident, ruled that the man should remain in jail, because there are indications that he was indeed at fault for the accident. The court also fears the man will make the roads unsafe again. “You have a mentality in which there is little room for the safety and physical integrity of others,” the judge said. “You also overestimate your ability to drive.” The court also did not release the man because two years ago he ignored the so-called “driving ban”, the Dutch equivalent of a revoked driving licence.

In the accident, Omar Y. From Roosendaal a Mercedes rented in Germany at a speed of 155 kilometers per hour at the intersection, where he was only allowed 50. At that moment, a Toyota was about to cross the intersection. A mother (39), her son (8), and her daughter (10) were killed in the subsequent collision. Another 42-year-old female passenger also died. Her 9-year-old daughter was injured.

According to his lawyer, Omar Y. Hurry up. According to his lawyer, the man had been in prison “perhaps unjustly” since the accident. “My client was driving too fast, she didn’t give way to him, the client couldn’t swerve because there was another car, and the Toyota drove 1.7 meters across the line,” said the lawyer. “Speed ​​was a small part of the deadly conditions.” According to the lawyer, there is no recklessness in the accident and thus community service should follow at most.

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The Dutch court described E’s behavior as reckless. According to the prosecutor, the man stepped over the right side and did not turn away. “Two seconds before the accident, he was still driving 155. If he had driven 50, he would have stopped 94 meters before the intersection.”

The issue will not be dealt with substantively until next year.