July 22, 2024

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Dutch Under 15 (v) lost a great match against USA

Dutch Under 15 (v) lost a great match against USA

Anna Boyers has taken action against the United States. – Photo: KNVB Media

The Dutch under-15s played a friendly against the United States on Friday evening. Maria van Kortenhof’s team managed to hold off the Americans, but eventually lost 0–2.

In the first half, the Dutch team learned the rules of international football. The under 15s were awarded a free kick but the visitors were quick in the transition. The United States striker deftly turned and hit the target. The score was 0-2 before the break. A mistake in the formation of the Dutch team was punished by the Americans.

In the second half, the Netherlands stood up. The match was evenly matched and the Netherlands became increasingly dangerous, but long shots and corner kicks meant the ball wouldn’t go in on Friday – at Sportpark De Horsterhoek in Schalkhaar.

KNVB coach van Gordonhof is proud of his team. “It was really a great performance today. Germany lost 4-0 to the same USA and we played a great game.”

Group development

“There’s a difference in the difference. Being quick, making quick choices. America does everything at a very high speed, but we maintain that speed very well. You see our players really step up to that level when they play against Belgium. It’s hard to keep that up for a whole match. Maybe.”

After international matches against Belgium, England and USA, the under-15 season is over. “This group has to go to the under-16s. After that, a new group will join us. We’re starting again, but that’s the fun thing about this job. You do it to enjoy that progress. Close,” Van Kortenhof concluded.

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