June 20, 2024

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Dutch union threatens strike at PostNL |  Economie

Dutch union threatens strike at PostNL | Economie

The FNV has already publicly considered the proceedings at PostNL last month. Subsequently, the company submitted an improved proposal for a new collective labor agreement. This proposal still does not appeal to FNV supporters, because employees are demanding a wage increase not less than the recent high inflation. However, PostNL didn’t want to go that far.

“Members are outraged and frustrated by PostNL’s recent collective action agreement offering,” FNV Director Maddy Mullman said in a statement. “With this offer, purchasing power is waning, many people with heavy work can’t stop early, and PostNL is still doing nothing to hire broadcast kickback sorters on a permanent basis.”

The union has now sent an ultimatum to the company’s management. This continues until Friday. If PostNL does not comply with the requirements, the FNV will set up procedures. The collective labor agreement covers approximately 19,000 people, including carriers and office workers. It is not about the company’s postal employees, because they have their own collective labor agreement.

Last week, PostNL talked about the end of a busy period of the year. The company expects to process up to two million parcels in the busy days in the coming period. This is nearly double the normal levels. PostNL said it can handle crowds well.

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