December 7, 2022

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Dutchman baffles a tour course together: 'ASO is making it more difficult for me than before' |  a trip

Dutchman baffles a tour course together: ‘ASO is making it more difficult for me than before’ | a trip

The itinerary of the tour will be revealed soon in Paris. For 15 years now, Dutchman Thomas Verjoen has made this a point of honor on his website for discovering the path in advance. “Regional newspapers and hotel reservations are my main sources.”

“In recent years I have correctly predicted 95 to 100 percent of the Tour’s trajectory. But this year I am less confident.”

Talks Thomas Vergwen, the race-crazy Dutchman who has been trying to figure out the start and end places for the tour since 2007 before the track was officially announced.

How does Vergouwen go on his quest?

“I mainly rely on local French newspapers and hotel reservations,” says the 43-year-old Dutchman.

“If you see on the websites of large hotel groups (such as Accor and Louvre) that there are suddenly much fewer hotel rooms available on a given day in July than on other days, there is a very good chance that the tour operator ASO will do something about it.

“Because who the hell is going to book hotels in September or October for July next year? That never happens, unless there’s a big event like the tour.”

“Anonymous sources are getting more and more important”

Based on hotel reservations, Vergouwen knows which area the tour will stop in. “This way I know the tour will take place in the Alps from July 14 to 20 this year.”

Vergouwen will find out the starting and arrival places in the regional newspapers.

“Although I’ve noticed that there are fewer rumors going around in the papers than before. The ASO is trying to make it more difficult for me by wanting to keep everything as secret as possible,” laughs Ferguin.

In addition to regional newspapers and hotel reservations, Vergouwen also uses anonymous sources.

“They are becoming more and more important. They are the people who call me and say they heard this or that rumor. Of course I can’t focus on that, because it might just be someone who wants to give me incorrect information.”

He also assists readers of his website Velowire Vergouwen in his quest. “Under my article about the itinerary of the tour, they respond with information and articles about the new rumors.”

on me Article It has already been answered over 500 times.

ASO tries to keep as much information as possible confidential. As a result, newspapers are publishing fewer rumors about the itinerary of the tour than in the past.

Thomas Ferguin (Veluer)

“Tour head Prudhomme loves to follow my detective work”

The article on this year’s tour rumors has already been clicked 230,000 times. Doesn’t the ASO feel that Vergouwen is getting ahead of him?

“In the past, some people from ASO have had trouble with the work I’ve done. But that’s been since Christian Prudhomme, head of Tour, has indicated internally that he has no problem with it.”

“Prudhomme thinks it’s a good idea to cross out incorrect information and not delete it like other journalists do. He likes to follow how I get into the tour cycle.”

“Of course my research also provides some additional publicity for the tour. Because my rumors are often shared on social media and are also used by newspapers the day before the course is shown.”

Tour President Christian Prudhomme congratulates Jonas Weinggaard.

Lucky Charm Jumbo-Visma

Vergouwen has been on the tour for years for his employer Orange. This year he worked at Jumbo-Visma for the first time during the tour.

I was working there as a hospitality coordinator and took guests from Jumbo-Visma in a carriage.”

“I really started with that in the last stages of the Giro. Then I said to team boss Richard Plug: ‘I’m coming in and Queen Bowman wins two stages and the mountain jersey.’ “

“I added: ‘I have very good news for you, because I have also been working for you throughout the Tour de France.’ And we know how that Tour ended for Jumbo-Visma,” Vergouwen laughs.

During the stages of the tour, Vergouwen stood by the side of the road with Jumbo-Visma guests to hand out water bottles and supply bags.

“It was said on TV that the constant supply was one of the reasons Jumbo-Visma won the Tour.”

“Gerant Thomas came to ask me for a bottle of water during one of the stage, while I was wearing a jumbo-visma shirt. This indicates that Eneos was less organized in that area. So I may have had a very small share of the tour after all. – Jumbo-Visma’s victory” .

Watch the presentation of the tour route live:

At you don’t have to miss anything about revealing the course. At 11.30 we will continue the presentation with text and images on this page.

Tour route according to Thomas Vergouwen of Velowire
Saturday 1 July ride 1 Bilbao – Bilbao
Sunday 2 July 2 . ride Vitoria-Justice – San Sebastian
Monday 3 July 3 . ride Amorebieta-Etxano – Bayonne
Tuesday 4th July 4 . ride DAX – Nogaro
Wednesday 5th July 5 . ride Pau – Larons
Thursday 6 July ride 6 Tarbes – Cutie
Friday 7 July 7 . ride Mont de Marsan – Bordeaux
Saturday July 8 8 . ride Libourne – Limoges
Sunday July 9 9 . ride Saint Leonard de Noble – Puy de Dome
Monday 10 July Rest day in Clermont-Ferrand
Tuesday 11 July ride 10 Saint-Ours-les-Roches / Vulcania – Issoire
Wednesday 12th July 11 . ride Clermont-Ferrand – Moline
Thursday 13th July ride 12 Roanne – Chiroubles of Belleville-en-Beaujolais
Friday 14 July ride 13 Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne – Col du Grand Colombier
Saturday 15th July 14 . ride Anmas – Morzine
Sunday 16 July ride 15 Les Gates – Saint Gervais Mont Blanc
Monday 17 July Rest day in the slash
Tuesday 18 July ride 16 Bassi – Complex (Single Trial)
Wednesday 19 July 17 . ride Salanche – Courchevel Altiport
Thursday 20 July ride 18 Moûtiers-Salins-les-Thermes-Brides-les-Bain – Bourg-en-Bresse
Friday July 21 ride 19 Moirans-en-Montagne – Poligny
Saturday 22nd July 20 . ride Belfry – Le Markstein
Sunday 23 July ride 21 Saint Quentin-en-Yvelines – Champs Elysees
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