March 2, 2024

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EA wants to put player voices into games

EA wants to put player voices into games

A patent has emerged from EA in which the company describes how it would like to implement player voice in games. The patent dates back to 2020, but it seems more current than ever with the advent of generative AI.

Naturally, players will first have to enter some “voice data,” which is supposed to be done simply by speaking into the microphone. The game then analyzes that data and can use the audio data to implement the voice of the respective player in the game. In most cases, the player character will be allowed to speak in their own voice.

This way, players can be drawn into the game more, especially when this game already works with custom characters. In other cases, it will still be appropriate to retain the original voice acting, for example when it comes to a well-known character whose identity does not have to be formed by the player.

Another advantage is that by using the voices of the players themselves, less voice work may be needed during game development. However, it remains to be seen whether this is actually the case. In many cases, the player’s voice will simply be an option and not a replacement for the original in-game voice work.

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