June 13, 2024

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Eddie Blankart suffers from health problems: “It could end fatally”

Eddie Blankart suffers from health problems: “It could end fatally”

Eddie Blankart (65 years old) suffers from a heart rhythm disorder. The former Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix winner said this on the TV show “Château Planckaert”.

In the eighth episode, Blancart made an appointment with cardiologist Carlos van Meegem at Kortrijk Hospital. He was not feeling well and had an irregular heartbeat. “I'm feeling a little panicked because my heart was racing one morning,” he explained to the cardiologist.


“My heart rate has gone up to 150 to 180 and this has been going on for at least twenty minutes. I'm convinced it's just because of stress, because of emotional things. I'm busy every day, always with stress. This work needs to be done, and this too… “It doesn't stop in my head.”

“When I feel anxious and stressed, I feel like I have to be careful. It starts with a heartbeat. Then I feel uncomfortable. I've never felt like that before… I would like to start walking and cycling a little bit. I think this will be important for my future life if I don't do that,” It will end fatally at some point.

Fatty liver disease

Blancart had to do a stress test on the bike. This shows that there is nothing wrong in his heart. However, an ultrasound scan of his liver showed that he had fatty liver disease. “We don't have any pills to treat this. This is just a lifestyle modification,” the cardiologist says.

“If the fatty liver disappears, the risk of arrhythmia is very small. The susceptibility to developing arrhythmia will decrease when you adjust your diet and take moments of relaxation, for example cycling.

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I lost a lot of weight

Blancart had previously suffered from health problems. Eighteen months ago, he weighed 101 kilograms and had to lose weight urgently on the advice of a doctor. Blancart followed a strict diet containing lots of vegetables and little meat and lost at least 18 kilograms.

“To prevent me from having health problems,” he said at the time on the “Dag Allemaal” program. “I want to live a long time to see my grandchildren grow up, and this has motivated me to do this completely.”