May 26, 2024

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Eileen de Monk reveals who created her sexy Instagram account...

Eileen de Monk reveals who created her sexy Instagram account…

Film director Michael R. Roskam and Eileen de Monck © Carlo Copigans

No one who has already scrolled through Eline De Munck’s Instagram account can deny it: the blonde’s photos always look elegant and sexy. De Munck has always kept to himself who made all these stylish shots: up until now.

Lance linkSource: Instagram

Nobody but her friend and director Michael R. Roskam is the man behind the lens. De Munck himself confirms this – once again – with a stylish photo on Instagram. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the best Instagram man in the country? I wrote with a picture of her with Troynar Roskam’s reflection in the mirror.”

It’s also the first Instagram picture of the two together since their relationship was announced in February of this year. The day before, the couple also appeared together on the red carpet, at the movie premiere non-veteran in Ostend.

That director, among other things, beef head Fond of his idiosyncrasies is general knowledge. For example, he only gives interviews in the context of his films and his Instagram profile, despite the De Munck tag, visible only to those he gives access to.

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