May 28, 2024

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Eindhoven Braille Smartphone Keyboard in Awards

Eindhoven Braille Smartphone Keyboard in Awards

from the jury praised and praised Hable entrepreneurs because they have a very good connection with users and customers. As a result, their product, Hable One, fits seamlessly with users’ needs. The creators of the Braille keyboard have set themselves the goal of helping blind and visually impaired people across Europe. Ewan Talwar developed the first model for his blind grandfather. At the time, he never expected the initiative to grow into a full-fledged startup,

Until now, blind and visually impaired people were operating a smartphone, entering text via speech-to-text solutions. However, braille keyboard gives them more privacy when texting and chatting. Passers-by could no longer hear. In addition, typing is more reliable than converting speech to text.

Hable One braille keyboard

Hable One is a separate device connected to a smartphone. The device allows the blind and visually impaired to write and navigate through their phones. For this, the Hable One has six keys with which all letters, numbers and punctuation marks can be written in braille text. The smartphone itself can remain in the bag or pocket while calling or applying.

“Many of the innovations in our market still relied on the Braille typewriter in the past. We changed that by focusing on the smartphone,” said Frick van Wilsenes, co-founder of Hable.

In January of last year (2020), Hable actually recognized the Dutch with its invention nomination for the Global Student Award. In the 4TU Impact Challenge now won by Hable, the best students from the four Dutch technical universities competed against each other. They pitched their idea at a national event held in Helsinki this year during the Slush Festival.