May 26, 2024

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Empty shelves in Delhaize and Lidl due to price conflict with Danone

Empty shelves in Delhaize and Lidl due to price conflict with Danone

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The supermarket chains Delhaize and Lidl currently no longer supply Danone dairy products. They emphasized that retailers did not agree with the French food giant about the high prices. Aldi also says negotiations aren’t going smoothly, but he says he still has some inventory.

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The specialized RetailDetail site brought the news. There are labels in Delhaize stores that “due to difficult negotiations” many products are temporarily unavailable.

Delhaize spokesperson Roel Dekelver emphasized that the struggle over pricing is the key. Danone’s suggested price increases are not acceptable. Everyone has to make an effort, the supplier cannot completely pass on his increased costs to the customer. We have a social role in making products affordable.” Danone will charge significantly more than other suppliers of similar products.

About fifty Danone dairy products have disappeared from Delhaize store shelves. “There are a lot of alternatives to customer service,” Declver says.

Spokeswoman Isabelle Colbrandt confirmed that Liddell was also unable to reach an agreement with Danon. The effect is less significant there, because Lidl offers only a limited number of Danone dairy products. We hope an agreement will be reached soon.

Aldi keeps his leg stiff

The administration emphasized that talks between Aldi and Danone were difficult. But at the moment there is still some stock. If negotiations continue to fail, “there is a chance that consumers will soon have to choose our own brands as an alternative to Danone products,” said company spokesman Jason Seifester.

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“In disproportionate ascents, we maintain leg stiffness,” Sifster says. “Our role is to protect our customers’ purchasing power in the event of unrealistic price increases and to bring them to realistic levels.”

Danone responds

In a written response, Danone said the company is working hard to minimize the impact on consumers in “unprecedented market conditions.” “Retailers are the ones who set the final price to the consumer,” says the book.

“We are in a constructive dialogue and are working closely with the relevant retailers to resume deliveries as soon as possible,” said Natalie Guillaume, a Danone spokeswoman.

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