April 17, 2024

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Energy: "Belgians will no longer be able to pay their bills"

Energy: “Belgians will no longer be able to pay their bills”

The crises followed each other in rapid succession and increased uncertainty among the population. recovery after a fall soviet union has led to a large inflation (General price increase), but since the incursion Russia in Ukraine The situation is worse than ever, especially in energy sector the value the prices Blow out the pan completely. This is, of course, because of war As such, but also to Western sanctions Forced to Russia: an arm wrestling match that mainly hurts citizens. They truly wonder what will be on their plates in the coming months.

In this context, which, of course, causes panic among a huge number of Belgian families, Radio DH professor Damien Ernst From the University of Liège (ULiège), a recognized energy specialist, was interviewed. Duty reporter wants to know if Belgium next winter lack of energy He will suffer, but also what are the consequences for energy prices will be. Ernst answered, as earnestly as it is, truthfully…

catastrophic situation

The professor did not hide the fact that the current situation is catastrophic. Presumably we’re not with Blackouts We’ll have to deal with it, and neither do we Gas or Electricity You will miss, but warns that the prices It will continue to rise. 80% of the annual gas consumed is simply between October and March, so during winter“consumer”.

And according to Ernst, we’re not really at the center of this yet energy crisis Arrived, although the prices It has already doubled or even tripled. Even if supplies aren’t cut off, we’ll all have to pay (more) more. After all, in a few months there will be much more demand for gas and fossil fuels than there is today, making possible lower prices. exactly the contrary. It also indicates that gas price between start covid crisis Today it has increased by up to 700%, more precisely from 16 euros per megawatt-hour to 130 euros.

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German Forms Confirmation

Coal-fired power plants

These bleak expectations are in line with many German models. The decisive moment of the crisis should be reached in mid-February 2023, like Germany gas reserves It will dry completely after that. Since some of the electricity is generated from gas, it is easy to understand why Germany is now complete Coal-fired power plants let’s run, Just like the Netherlands. Groen voters won’t like to hear that, but Ernst talks about a “very wise decision.”

Ernst also predicts that this situation will drive prices significantly higher Belgians will no longer be able to pay their billsstate subsidies It wouldn’t help in this regard, given the lack of Fossil fuels

consume less

Ernst claims we only have one thing to do, and that’s us Energy consumption Radically (as recommended by the study group experts commissioned by Federal governmentwhich just made the conclusions and series of measures has been suggested). However, the man is surprised that Government He does not take the initiative in this matter and fails to communicate clearly with the population.

naturally G7 countries Putting pressure on Russia over Ukraine. The world’s richest countries want a Roof On the price of energy purchases, however, an agreement appears unlikely as it requires the consent of all stakeholders. However, we know that Russia is circumventing some sanctions by, for example, re-registering its supertankers in India…