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England suspends flights to Morocco

England suspends flights to Morocco

April 6, 2022 – 5:40 pm – world

Several flights in England were canceled on Monday due to staff shortages caused by Covid-19. Flights to Morocco have also been suspended.

Airlines canceled more than 120 flights, while others were delayed by more than three hours. According to Easyjet and British Airways, the cancellations were due to staff absences due to Covid-19. To make matters worse, Eurotunnel reported that a broken train also caused delays.

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According to an Easyjet spokesperson, the cancellations, 62 of them from the UK, were a small part of Monday’s schedule, which included about 1,645 flights. The airline tried to offset the problem by deploying replacement crews, but had to “cancel some flights in advance”.

For its part, British Airways canceled about 60 flights to and from Heathrow Airport. Fifty of these flights were already canceled last week, but ten others were canceled on Monday due to Covid-19 among staff.

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The situation also resulted in long queues at security and check-in. Due to long wait times, some passengers at Manchester Airport missed their flights at the start of the Easter holiday. There were also complaints about long waiting times in the baggage claim area.

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