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Enjoy a great adventure in Japan

Enjoy a great adventure in Japan

There was a time when Japanese games weren’t the best. Thankfully, that changed with the arrival of the PlayStation 4. More and more games from Japan are worth it again. Games with high production value come from the so-called Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. You know this studio from Yakuza Games and a few years ago they released Judgment. And this game is now getting a sequel with Lost Judgment.

The verdict was an interesting showcase for the Yakuza series at the time. It happened in the same neighborhood in Tokyo, which in the game is called Kamurocho. There we met former attorney Takayuki Tamagi, who today makes a living as an investigator. Still in the lost judgment. This time you are faced with a new case of sexual misconduct and a mysterious murder. In addition to the Tokyo area, you also end up in fictional Yokohama, which you know from the last Yakuza game. In short, there are enough elements in the game. I played the game on PlayStation 5. These are the points that caught my attention.

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Lost Judgment brings a great story

The origin story was really interesting and continues well in Lost Judgment. It begins with the discovery of a dead body, while Tamagi is currently working on a case of a woman being blackmailed by some kind of beau. From that moment on, you end up in a larger group, where drama and human suffering are more central than in the Yakuza series. This is sometimes more than just a big soap, while this game can be called somewhat more realistic. Well, there are still some crazy things at the top, but the common thread is something you see in a good series as well.

A game with a lot of stories (Photo: Sega)

strong characters

The story is the point at which Lost Judgment shines. This is well supported by the well-developed characters. I played the game in Japanese, but the English voiceovers are also good. Because of those kind voices, Tamagi comes to life and is helped by his right-hand man Masaharu Kaito. He is a bit of a strength for the two of them, he loves to fight, but at the same time he has a little heart as well. And there are a few other characters, who do their things their own way. The combination of beautiful cut scenes and good audio commentary makes it all come on its own.

Enough interesting characters (Photo: Sega)

Two great sites

I really miss Japan so much. Hence it’s a good thing that with a game like Lost Judgment, you can travel to the fictional neighborhoods of Tokyo and Yokohama. The neighborhoods are very well recreated and if you are ever there you will get to know many things. Neighborhoods have definitely proven their added value in previous games so it’s great to explore again. Moreover, there is a lot to do. Arcade halls are also back, where you can play nice games. It is also possible to play games on the old Master System in your apartment. In short, they are places worth exploring.

It is enough to discover (Photo: Sega)

Good fighting system

During your adventure in Lost Judgment, you will regularly come across people stalking you. And then you have to fight to get further. The combat system is very nice. You have different fighting styles and many options to dodge or distribute attacks. It really becomes a party when you activate your special attacks and finish a fight in style this way. Since everything is working fine, I purposely searched for a fight more than once. It also helps you slowly improve some of your skills through combat.

close it (Photo: Sega)

The difference is in what you do

Finally, it’s really nice to see Lost Judgment full of variety. The main story is very rewarding, but don’t forget to get off the beaten track and explore the different side activities. The game is full of cool mini games that you can really spend some time on. In addition, you can play all kinds of games in the game. This is possible in the arcade hall, but it is also possible to go off in your apartment with games on the Master System.

lost judgment
Play in the arcade (Photo: Sega)

With all this said, Lost Judgment is a great game to spend a lot of time with. The game is now available. Want to read more about all things gaming? Then visit the overview page here.

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Lost Verdict: Experience a great adventure in Japan

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