February 21, 2024

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Enough self-test From Monday Corona update numbers stop at Hoeksch Nieuws

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From Monday, April 11, self-testing will be the starting point for determining if someone has coronavirus. It no longer has to be confirmed by a GGD after a positive self-test. GGD testing is still possible for specific groups – eg people who work in healthcare or who cannot use a self-test. The GGD test can also be taken to obtain a recovery certificate. This proof may be necessary for international travel or if a Corona ticket becomes necessary again in the event of a revival. For this reason, Hoeksch Nieuws will also discontinue Corona updates.

Self-tests are reliable for testing complaints, are widely available and provide fast results. In addition, a Advice Available to help people if they or someone close to them gets a positive test result.

More personal responsibility

With the use of self-tests, more responsibility falls on the shoulders of the people themselves. It is still very important insulation To go with a positive self-test. This prevents others from getting infected. The advice people are now receiving from GGD about the virus and pollution can Online They are consulted. Thus, the realization of the current source and connection will be stopped.

Virus monitoring

Now that testing at the GGD is no longer the starting point, the coronavirus will be monitored in a different way. Through sewage, samples and on the basis of hospital admissions and the situation in nursing homes, we are closely monitoring how the virus is spreading and whether new variants are emerging.