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Entrepreneur |  Black silver in the United States brought forward amid fears

Entrepreneur | Black silver in the United States brought forward amid fears



Distribution problems in retail are so high in the United States that the White House has considered using the military to unload ships in ports. Good Friday Fear of empty shelves for Christmas has already been brought up.

Carligen von Howellingen and Kirt Langndorf (AD)

October 25, 2021

It’s still a month to be a tradition in the United States Good Friday Yes, but the first offers are already online. Typically, TVs and vacuum cleaners at big retailers like Walmart and Amazon go on sale the day after Thanksgiving in late November. But companies fear delivery problems ahead of Christmas, and AD.nl reports that international maritime container transport and domestic logistics are now severely disrupted.

Offer season in the US started earlier than ever

So stores are starting their advertising season earlier than ever, making sure to make purchases before Christmas morning. Amazon is already promotingGood Friday-Qualification ‘offers from the first week of October, two weeks earlier than last year. Walmart also has the first stunt prices online.

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Global demand for the product has grown exponentially since the epidemic year, with manufacturers, transportation and retailers unable to keep up. The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, where 40 percent of containers arrive in the United States, are struggling with major setbacks. 100 ships are waiting to be unloaded off the coast of Los Angeles this week. Many more ships, especially from Asia, are coming.

Staff shortages also affect black silver

Personnel shortages play a role: news portfolio Axios estimates that both ports in California have 30 percent fewer employees than there were before the Corona eruption, based on the location data of phones in ports. Products still need to be shipped across the country – and there is a shortage of truck parts and truck drivers in the United States.

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The Truckload Carriers Association estimates that 60,000 additional truck drivers were needed before the outbreak – and that number is now rising. Drivers are retiring, the industry has lost popularity and driving training in epidemics has stalled. The United States Postal Service, USPS, should reduce costs and use fewer flights. This causes delays in the delivery of parcels.

Unloading of black silver containers by the military

The White House is concerned and is considering inviting National Guard personnel to help unload all containers, reports Washington Post. The union of clothing and shoe sellers has demanded this.

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The rest of the world is dealing with broken supply chains, but in the United States, the Joe Biden administration fears it will be blamed for empty shelves, late orders and high prices during the holidays. “Christmas gifts were never too late when President Trump took office,” Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan joked on Twitter. Florida colleague Byron Donalds portrayed Joe Biden as a green monster named Grinch, who “steals” Christmas in a classic children’s book.

Biden invited port executives, major retailers and the docking association to the White House last week in hopes of accelerating product imports. He announced that ports in California would now be open 24 hours a day, and that logistics companies such as UPS and FedEx would work longer hours at his request. The union agreed to additional services.

Walmart and Target ship their own cargo ships

Large retail chains such as Walmart and Target send their own cargo ships to fill Christmas items on time. They sometimes even fly in products, which can be very expensive. Not by small business owners. Retailers advise U.S. consumers not to wait before buying Christmas gifts or choosing gift cards. You can spend them when the needs are back in stock.

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Experts expect the problems to continue into the new year. According to Piton, this is due to the fact that decades later, after more production was outsourced to low-wage countries such as China, there is still more emphasis on bringing factory capacity back to the United States. “The world should never again be dependent on one company or one country or one individual, especially when it comes to labor and environmental standards when countries do not share our values,” Biden said in a speech after his consultation. Ports and carriers. “Our country and our economy will never be able to produce important products again because we have no access to goods.”

Delivery delay on Black Friday

TVs and vacuum cleaners usually go to major retailers such as Walmart and Amazon. (Photo: One of their providers) In late November, it went on sale the day after Thanksgiving. But companies fear delivery problems ahead of Christmas as international maritime container transport and domestic logistics are disrupted. Photo: Getty Images.

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