January 31, 2023

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ESA aims to launch satellite in 2024 to test ‘quantum key distribution’ – IT Pro – News

The European Space Agency (ESA) aims to launch the Eagle-1 satellite in 2024. This satellite gets Quantum key distribution It aims to test and demonstrate this type of encryption of communications traffic.

with satellite ESA wants to use distributed quantum keys in satellite communications test. This specifically concerns communications from ground stations on Earth to satellites. For example, the European Space Agency wants to obtain data on the distribution of the quantum key, so that eventually a European network of satellites can be created for this purpose.

Quantum key distribution, according to the space agencies, uses quantum mechanics principles to distribute keys in such a way that eavesdropping attempts are immediately noticed. The satellite will use technologies developed by the European Space Agency for this purpose. The goal is to be able to validate these components.

The Eagle-1 satellite will receive a quantum key payload created by Germany’s Tesat Spacecom. Luxembourg-based SES operates the satellite. The satellite will connect to a German optical ground station. A Dutch team is also developing a new ground station. Eagle-1 will complete a three-year mission. SES receives support for the project from the European Space Agency and the European Commission.

ESA Demonstration of Distributing Quantum Keys with Satellites
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