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Espresso coffee available at the bar

For us Italians, “regular” coffee is what is served to us at the bar and is the most popular and consumed among the different types of coffee. It is prepared according to the process of infusion under high pressure of water vapor through a special machine.

To get a good shot of espresso, the coffee grinder should be equipped with a helical centrifugal grinder to produce finer ground coffee than that used to make coffee with mocha.

 Short or short espresso

 It’s a very small espresso, even just a few drops. In this way, the coffee expresses its aroma to the maximum and contains a very low percentage of caffeine, even if many think otherwise. It is the favorite coffee of Italians, to the point that it is almost impossible to serve it abroad.

Long espresso coffee

It is obtained through espresso machines by allowing more water to flow out. Tall coffee, even if less intense, contains more caffeine than regular coffee, and even more than restricted coffee, precisely because the same amount of coffee is so much “exploited.”

 Long coffee is most consumed in the United States and in Central and Northern Europe. It has a less stimulating effect than short coffee, which concentrates the same amount of caffeine in less water.

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Hot macchiato

Caffè macchiato is obtained by adding a “spot” of hot milk and foam to coffee, and is a small “cappuccino” in which milk is present in smaller proportions than coffee.

In bars, especially in Italy, it is the norm to “smear” coffee with designs created directly from hot milk molds that result in fanciful designs such as leaves, hearts, or others based on the imagination and skill of the coffee maker.

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It is also common to ask a customer if they like cocoa powder on a macchiato.

 Cold coffee macchiato

 Cold milk is added to regular espresso.

Coffee with alcohol

 Consumed above all as a digestive after big meals, it is distinguished by adding a shot of grappa or other alcohol or spirits to espresso coffee.

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